Review of best practice road safety initiatives in the corporate and/or business environment

This review investigated the potential to introduce road safety based initiatives in the corporate environment.

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Saving money through fleet risk management

This guidance report is one of a series for fleet and road safety professionals produced by Brake, the road safety charity. These reports highlight research and best practice from papers presented at Brake events and from other relevant sources, and aim to help professionals reduce road risk through dissemination of this critical information. These reports are produced for the benefit of Brake subscribers and event participants. To subscribe to Brake visit

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Road Safety Improvement in Large Companies: An Experimental Comparison of Different Measures

Road crashes are a major problem in most companies. There are several traditional measures for improving safety, but knowledge about what measures are most effective is limited. The aim of the study was to compare four different measures for reducing accident involvement through changed driver behaviour. The result was surprising. This research paper from Sweden, although published almost 20 years ago is still relevant today.

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Your safe driving policy

Helping companies manage work-related road safety and keep employees and vehicles safe on the roads by the NZ Transport Agency and NZ Accident Compensation Corporation.

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Worksite Health Promotion: Principles, Resources and Challenges

(School of Applied Physiology, Georgia Institute of Technology) The demand for worksite health promotion programs that improve workers’ health and provide a return on investment has never been greater. Successful worksite health promotion depends on the collaboration of many stakeholders and sectors. The importance of divergent groups working together is illustrated by examining the recent history of worksite health promotion and highlighting key underlying principles and resources.

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Recommended Internet groups (for professional discussion)

Join the Decade of Action for Road Safety group to follow and start your own discussions on road safety for companies and employees.

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