Post RYDA Followup Resources

Remember, your RYDA day is not the end of your student’s road safety journey but rather, a great way to frontload their road safety knowledge and give them a new context for their  classroom learning both prior to and post attending RYDA.

Below is a taste of the resources we’ve put together which will help you keep the learning going.

For access to the full and extensive kit of resources , log into our  teachers portal in the top right of screen using the login and password details on the back of your Teacher’s Companion Booklet.

Use the jumplinks below to navigate through the page:

RYDA – Classroom Debrief
Linking RYDA Directly to Curriculum Teaching
Teacher’s Companion Follow-Up Ideas
Student Web Resources


RYDA – Classroom Debrief

This template is designed to assist with your follow-up discussion with students.  It could be used in health class or a pastoral care period.  The key aims of the discussion is to reinforce the main messages of the day, deepen student’s personalisation of the messages and encourage positive road safety choices.  Click here to open

Linking RYDA directly to Curriculum Teaching

RYDA is designed to align closely with and support messaging in the school curriculum.  Here we’ve compiled a list of links between RYDA sessions and government produced curriculum resources.  These links are also outlined in the RYDA Teacher’s Companion.  Download Australian Curriculum Links | Download New Zealand Curriculum Links.

Teacher’s Companion Follow-Up Ideas

In your Teacher’s Companion, under the ‘School Zone’ sign, you’ll notice that we have suggested follow-up activities for each of our sessions. Click on the session below for a printable fact sheet on how to run these exercises:

The I in Drive
Genevieve’s Story
Road Choices
Crash Investigators
Drive S.O.S.
Speed & Stopping

Student Web Resources

Over in the student zone, you’ll find links to a number of games, activities and useful resources for students.   Ask students to visit and report back on what they learned.