Avoiding a Summer Tyre Blowout

With only the equivalent of one handprint of tread on each tyre connecting your car to the road it is critical that tyres are kept in good condition – after all, you’re trusting them with a lot.  Summer brings its own challenges for tyres and blistering heats can really knock them about.  Here’s what you need to know to help avoid a summer tyre blowout.


tips to avoid a tyre blowout

Remember what you learnt in science: cold contracts, heat expands

According to our friends at Bridgestone, the tyres aren’t what support the weight of your car, it’s the air in the tyres, so its important to keep the pressure at the optimal value for your car.

Tyre pressure is also even more important in road trip season, with underinflation of tyres being one of the leading causes of a blowout, along with tyre damage. An optimal inflation not only keeps you safe, but also helps with fuel efficiency.

What to do

  • It’s recommended to utilise the ‘tyre placard’ as the authority for your tyre pressure. It’s usually located on the inside of the driver’s side or passenger’s door sill, and provides the recommended ‘cold’ tyre pressure for your car.
  • When checking and setting your tyre pressure, it’s recommended to do it at the start of the day – before you drive your car, as the air in the tyre will expand when it heats up with use and increase the pressure.
    Learn more about tyre pressure: Tyre Pressure – Tyre Inflation | Bridgestone
  • Another contributing factor to a tyre failure is their age. Even though a tyre may have plenty of tread left, its age could be an issue. Tyres that are more than 10 years old should be replaced with new ones, regardless of their tread depth or use.
    Learn how to check the age of a tyre: Tyre Age – Tyre Expiry Date | Bridgestone
  • While you’re checking the age of your tyres, it’s also a good idea to carry out a visual inspection of your tyres to check there’s no damage to the sidewall, or cracking or chips, as well as check the remaining tread depth to ensure your tyres are still legal.
    Check your tread depth: Tyre Tread Depth – Check Tread Depth | Bridgestone


More tips for maintaining healthy tyres

Bridgestone have put together a whole bunch of great tips on choosing and maintaining good tyres.  Check out some of their other tips here: https://www.bridgestone.com.au/learn