Lighting the Way in Australia & New Zealand

Road Safety Education Limited is a founding Principal Partner of National Road Safety Week in Australia and a committed member of the Yellow Ribbon Alliance in New Zealand.  In both countries, we work with Government and like-minded partners to create awareness and effect change.

Through our large network of schools, corporate partners and volunteer organisations Road Safety Education Limited is in a uniquely strong position to raise awareness of critical road safety issues and motivate change.

The History of National Road Safety Week in Australia and New Zealand

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(pictured above, In Canberra, then Commonwealth Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Hon Darren Chester, MP with representatives from founding partners, Australian Automobile Association, Altus Traffic Australia, Road Safety Education Ltd and Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH), October 2016)


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(pictured above at the 2018 Road Safety Week launch in Auckland, Associate Minister for Transport, Julie Anne Genter MP, Brake New Zealand Director, Caroline Perry and RSE’s NZ Manager, Maria Lovelock


National Road Safety Week began as part of the UN’s Decade of Action for Road Safety.

The UN General Assembly have described the global road toll (death and injury) as a “major public health problem with a broad range of social and economic consequences which, if unaddressed, may affect the sustainable development of countries and hinder progress towards the Millennium Development Goals”.  It is for this reason that they declared the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.  The landmark Resolution was co-sponsored by 100 countries.

The official goal was to ‘stabilise and then reduce’ global road traffic fatalities by 2020.

This goal is what we’re all about here at Road Safety Education Limited and we have enthusiastically joined the crusade.  Over the decade the UN ran a number of campaigns, in which we were involved.  We also developed our own initiatives to help reach that ultimate goal.


To learn more about National Road Safety Week in Australia, click here and in New Zealand, click here.