Partner Volunteers

The RYDA Program is fortunate to have the backing of a number of high-profile, well-respected corporate businesses.  Along with these wonderful businesses, comes a connection with their dedicated staff, many of whom seek opportunities to volunteer in their community.  RYDA is great way to give a set amount of time to a cause, get to know the program your business supports and even pick up a little road safety knowledge of your own.


Volunteering at Workshops

If you are interested in attending a RYDA workshop as a volunteer, please drop us an email.

Here’s what a typical RYDA day involves for volunteers:

  • Arrive at around 8.30 am to help the RYDA Day Manager set up for the day – this may involve plugging in computers, setting out student booklets, helping set up the Speed & Stopping demonstration or meeting the bus as students arrive.  We’ll also give you a run down of the day at this point.
  • At around 9.30 am, students arrive and will be divided into groups.  Volunteers are assigned a group to guide through the sessions – this involves time keeping for the facilitators, taking students from station to station as they progress through six interactive sessions and sitting in on the sessions as the students take in their new knowledge.
  • No need to pack lunch – we’ve got you covered for lunch and coffee breaks.
  • The workshop wraps up at around 2.00 pm.  Volunteers are invited to help the Day Manager pack down before heading home (with a few new road safety tips onboard).


To find a RYDA venue near you and see what dates are available – please enter your suburb on our search map.  At the bottom of the page, you’ll see upcoming events.




Other ways to volunteer with RYDA

If you’d like to give some time to supporting RYDA but can’t get out in the middle of the day, there are other ways you can help.

Here’s a few more ideas:

  • We’re always looking for admin help – especially with things like data entry.
  • Are you a budding photographer with a good camera? We can always use some new professional shots of the workshop in action.
  • Do you have a connection with a local member or media representative? We could use your help in spreading the word about the importance of road safety education in schools.
  • Does your child go to a high school that doesn’t offer RYDA? Talk to us about giving you some information to take to your school contacts.


If you’d like to offer support in any of these or have a particular talent you could share with us, we’d love to hear from you.