Interested in becoming a RYDA facilitator?

RYDA is all about making a connection with students; personalising conversations to draw from student experience and working together to devise practical and usable strategies to mitigate risk.  We look for facilitators who have that special knack for facilitating group conversations and making sure every voice is heard.  RYDA follows carefully constructed course content, scripted in our Facilitator Training Manual.  Therefore, facilitators should be comfortable in delivering to key messages and touchpoints and armed with the skills needed to adjust course and respond appropriately to student input.

Topic knowledge is certainly a bonus but finding people skilled in the art of facilitation is our first priority.  Content can be learnt; facilitation skills are harder to come by.  We believe there is no better investment in our RYDA workshops than the people who deliver it.

If you’re interested in becoming a RYDA facilitator and have a background in youth work and/or facilitation and a passion for road safety, please drop us a line: