RYDA Facilitator Training Program

Delivery of the RYDA workshop in a manner which maintains the highest of standards and has the greatest impact on students relies, largely, upon the skill of our facilitators. Our dedicated team of facilitators all bring a range of expertise and experience and each are talented communicators who are passionate about road safety and working with youth.

Importantly, each facilitator we engage with must be committed to continuous self-improvement and willing to participate in RSE’s training prior to delivering their first session and throughout their tenure with RYDA. RSE is committed to providing mentoring which helps achieve an improved and professional performance.

At RSE, we work hard to ensure that the program is written in a way that, following best practice and evidence, changes mental models and behaviour. While we write the program, it’s our facilitators who bring it to life.

Below is a snapshot of our training program:

  • Observation – the first step is to come along to a workshop and experience RYDA as our students do.
  • Online Training – before facilitating, we ask that you attend a 1.5 hour online training session.  In a small group, led by an RSE trainer, you’ll gain an overview of session content, learning objectives, educational strategies, links to other session and key messages.  You’ll also pick up classroom management tips and techniques to help engage student participation.
  • Co-facilitation – where possible, we will arrange for an experienced facilitator to co-facilitate with you on your first day.
  • Skills Workshop – a half-day, face to face group workshop focussing on developing facilitation and classroom management techniques. This session provides an opportunity to share ideas and techniques with other facilitators, ask questions and find solutions to challenges you may have encountered. Topics include: questioning techniques, managing difficult students and tips to increase engagement and tease more in-depth responses.  Facilitators attending this session benefit from a small amount of experience deliverying RYDA sessions prior to attending.
  • Individual assessement – an RSE trainer sits in on a live session and then conducts a feedback session with you. This allows facilitators to reflect on their skills and set goals for continuous improvement in a supportive environment.  This training will be conducted a number of times throughout your tenure with RYDA.
  • Self-assessment – We encourage you to self-assess with the help of an RSE form which asks your to rate your performance in a number of areas. This is a personal form that is not shown to anyone else but allows you to openly and honestly identify areas for improvement and record successes along the way.

Just as with any skilled professional, a good facilitator makes the job look easy. But, as any educator knows, the art of facilitation requires constant energy, practice, and progress.  RSE fully support their facilitators with professional development opportunities and continued training.