RYDA Sessions – What the Students Say

  • It was a hands on experience.  We were able to witness the dangers of speeding first hand. [It] has been impacting my driving since.

    Immanuel Lutheran College, Qld
    Favourite Session: Speed & Stopping
  • It revealed a important connection that I had previously failed to recognise and address – as out of the five sections I scored the lowest on risk awareness, far less then any of the other sections (knowing yourself, speaking up, self control, risk awareness and thinking social). By this session enabling me to identify by weak point I was able to ultimate the self coaching tips later discussed in the session, points that I believe applied to me the most were “Remember the penalties for breaking road rules” and “Choose who you are in the car with”, these will best help me combat my lack of risk awareness.

    St Aloysius' College, NSW
    Favourite Session: The I in Drive
  • It was very nice and meaningful to have someone that had experienced a crash in front of you. Being able to ask him questions without feeling it was rude or invasive because we were crash investigators was really good as well.

    Albany Creek State High School, Qld
    Favourite Session: Crash Investigators
  • It really surprised me. I now have my learners licence and i did not know that about peripheral vision. it helps to know that and makes me more confident about reducing risks of having a crash as this is what scares me most about driving. It was also the most interactive one and kept us on task and engaged during the whole session.

    Feilding High School, NZ
    Favourite Session: Drive SOS
  • It was my favourite because we were honoured to have a police officer who was very informative, he provided me with a deeper understanding of certain rules and reiterated some rules that I was unsure about

    Newtown High School, Tas
    Favourite Session: Road Choices
  • It allowed me to see a real life situation, assess the factors that influence descions such as mindset and road factors and to turn her experiance into mine . It allowed me to see a situation that I might encounter and how I should approach it.

    Stella Maris College, NSW
    Favourite Session: Mind Matters (formerly Genevieve's Story)
  • I am currently learning how to drive and my biggest fear seems to be speed and how to brake. On the day I learned that not only is 40km/hr quite a fast speed but it also takes quite a distance before the car comes to a stop. I always thought it was a slow speed whenever others would drive at that speed, this also taught me to never underestimate the speed of a car as you don’t know how far it would have travelled before it comes to a stop. I learned not to buy a car for the sake of it looks but also its safety features as they lower your chances of getting extremely hurt in a car crash. I always thought the only safety features in a car were airbags and seatbelts but little did i know there were a few more than that. Found this beneficial as it would help me reconsider my choices when buying a car as well as help me in the long run.

    Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Vic
    Favourite Session: Speed & Stopping
  • It really made me have to think about my surroundings and how when I am driving I have to be empethetic towards cyclists and truck drivers especially.

    Cleveland District State High School, Qld
    Favourite Session: Drive SOS
  • It made me realise how your personality can effect your driving which I never thought it could. It also show that you don’t have to be the driver to be in control of you safety in a car.

    Noosa District State High School, Qld
    Favourite Session: The I in Drive
  • The investigating idea was fun to do and the real human element of someone who actually experienced a crash explaining her story.

    Katikati College, NZ
    Favourite Session: Crash Investigators
  • [This is the session] that taught me the most about myself and how to improve my driving overall. It’s also the one I’ve seen affect everyone else the most. This past Friday, my friends and I were driving with another friend who has her P’s, and as she started to drive, she asked us to keep it down while she was driving and we all agreed and respected her ask, thanks to what we had learned on Monday. It really helped to take these things seriously, and not start laughing or make fun of someone if they ask for something like that while they’re driving.

    St Peter's Lutheran College, QLD
    Favourite Session: The I in Drive
  • The story reminded me of how many people are affected by the decisions I make. The session also taught me which techniques I should use when I feel panicked or rushed when driving.

    Redlynch State College, Qld
    Favourite Session: Mind Matters (formerly Genevieve's Story)
  • I liked the interactive part of answering the questions and getting speak with a police officer.

    Pinehurst School, NZ
    Favourite Session: Road Choices
  • It was very intereactive and personal so interested me.

    Vermont Secondary College, Vic
    Favourite Session: The I in Drive
  • I learnt so much about safety on road and how the tyre tread can disperse water of the road, when you double your speed, it takes you 4 times the stopping distance and things that can affect my stopping distance (e.g. weather, distractions).

    Riverton and District High School, SA
    Favourite Session: Speed & Stopping