What is your car trying to tell you?

Our vehicles have a serious job to do in keeping us safe on the road. A few simple checks and a good understanding of the warning lights will help students make sure it’s up to the task.

At RYDA, we talk a lot about making good choices from any seat in the car – reducing distractions, managing speed, being a helpful passenger and managing mind-state are some of the topics we discuss.  We want students to feel empowered to become active road citizens.  Part of this is understanding the vehicle itself and ensuring it is in good condition.

This activity asks students to use their vehicle owner manual as a resource tool in order to become familiar with the car’s safety features, basic mechanical upkeep and warning signs.


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Download the student activity here

The teacher’s answer sheet can be found here

Revision Quiz

We’ve created a revision quiz on Kahoot! for RYDA schools.  If you’d like to follow up by hosting an in-class quiz or setting a Kahoot! challenge – click here.

Also on Kahoot!  We’ve set up an all-school challenge.  If you’d like to give students the opportunity to play against RYDA students from around Australia and New Zealand, simply give them the pin: 07881173.  The challenge will be open until 12 pm on 13 April 2022.