Pre and Post RYDA Workshop Classroom Resources

Remember, your RYDA day is not the end of your student’s road safety journey but rather, a great way to frontload their road safety knowledge and give them a new context for their classroom learning both prior to and post attending RYDA.

We’ve put together all the resources you’ll need to organise your workshop experience, prepare students for the workshop and follow up back in the classroom.  Resources include:

Organising Resources

  • RYDA Implementation Guide
  • Sample permission notes
  • Venue and Safety information for Risk Assessment
  • Promotional resources

Pre workshop resources

  • Pre workshop questionnaire
  • Pre workshop student exercises and experiements
  • Government Curriculum links for Australia and New Zealand

Post workshop resources

  • RYDA Teacher’s Companion
  • Workshop classroom debrief
  • Worskhop booster sessions
  • Lesson ideas (filtered by curriculum and/or RYDA session)
  • Student reflection & evaluation journals
  • RYDA evaluation tool


Enter the teacher’s portal for a full and extensive kit of resources.  

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  • RYDA Evaluation Report
  • About Road Safety Fact Sheets & Blogs
  • Student Web Resources
RYDA Evaluation Report

RYDA Evaluation Report

Road Safety Education Limited conduct extensive pre, post and 3 months post evaluation of the RYDA workshop.  Click here to view a summary of our latest Impact Evaluation Report.

RSE recommend that schools conduct their own evaluation to measure the impact of the whole school approach to road safety.  We have produced a template (available in the secure teacher’s portal) to assist this process.

About Road Safety Fact Sheets & Blogs

About Road Safety Fact Sheets & Blogs

We’ve put together a number of fact sheets and blogs on critical road safety topics.  Access them here.

Student Web Resources

Student Web Resources

Over in the student zone, you’ll find links to a number of games, activities and useful resources for students (including the reflection and evaluation journals). Ask students to visit and report back on what they learned.